About Mobile Simple

Innovative hotel staff facing mobile app

We are committed to cloud-based applications leveraging mobility to simplify hotel operations, optimize productivity, and maximize profitability while increasing Guest satisfaction.
Scalable, secure and affordable, Mobile Simple provides operational solutions for the hospitality industry. ABreez is a staff-facing mobile app coupled with a cloud-based back-end to streamline minibar and housekeeping daily operations.

The benefits of ABreez Cloud

About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our strategic goal is to empower hoteliers with a “green” solution leveraging cloud computing and mobility by focusing on innovative uses of mobile technology.

Our Values

We value hoteliers' everyday tasks.
We are dedicated to every customer's success and satisfaction.
We pursue our goals with passion, dedication and professionalism.
We are innovative in our approach and solutions.
We contribute to the environment.

Contact Us: +1 800 467 5892 Toll Free, +1 702 998 3675 International