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Hotel Staff Facing
Mobile App

Optimize minibar and housekeeping operations

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Secure, Simple
to Deploy,
Simple to Manage

Cloud-based mobile application made simple

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Proven ROI
in Days

Maximum operational control
and profitability

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Quit Paper,
Go Green

Eliminate all manual paperwork processing,
online reporting for management

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ABreez by Mobile Simple

ABreez by Mobile Simple is a hospitality solution dedicated to streamline minibar and housekeeping daily operations, optimize employee productivity, and maximize in-room profitability while increasing Guest satisfaction. ABreez is a mobile application for hotel room attendants coupled with a cloud-based management tool designed to simplify room operations including minibar and in-room amenities management.

ABreez integrates with existing hotel systems making data always accessible in real time giving managers greater control and visibility over the department's performance and productivity of the team.

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